T3 disrupter kit

18in titanium barrel for smaller shots or 24in barrel with the addition of a 6in threaded on tip for full PAN shots

The T3 is an 18in long barrel with a threaded tip that can accept 6in tips to make the disrupter either the 24in smooth bore disrupter (like a standard PAN) or have a 6in rifled tip screwed on to use the sabot rounds from L-Tech

Uses all of the same 12Ga rounds as the PAN disrupter with the addition of specialty sabot rounds from L-tech with the use of the rifled tip

ACME threaded breech prevents the breech cap from becoming locked to the barrel when firing

Titanium construction makes it lightweight and strong

Cap and plug style breech uses all of the same parts as the original PAN breech (except the set screw is 1/4in instead of 1/2in)

The push lock plug is available in the push lock version of this kit K4500PL and is easier to use and requires less maintenance

Comes with all of the same accessories as a PAN kit, can be ordered without the initiators and stand in the unit (K4300)

The post stand is lightweight yet versatile and strong

Kit includes

  • Barrel – 4300
  • ACME Breech Cap – 4340
  • Hex Breech Plug – K4350
  • 6in Smooth Bore Adapter – 4310
  • 6in Rifled Bore Adapter (Pictured) – 4320
  • 18in Thread Protector –  4330T
  • Red Plugs – K3090A
  • Black Plugs – K3100A
  • Water Bottle – 5060
  • Shell Extractor – 2010
  • Seating Tool – 2001
  • WD40 – 3130
  • Initiator Choice (Price may vary)
    • EIT HBR-1 (Standard) – 2052
    • EIT Scorpion SBS-T – 2058
  • Firing Pin Tool – 7110
  • Omni Shock Tube Starter (non-electric) – 2050
  • Gun Bore Cleaning Kit – 2045
  • Breech Spare Parts – K300B
  • Commercial Spare Parts – K3010C
  • Super Lube – 4360
  • 5/16in Nut Driver – 7250
  • Red Laser – K2001
  • Case and foam – K4395
  • Post Stand – K3118

T3 Spec Page

Push Lock Breech Plug – not in this kit

Post Stand Specs