Titanium 18 inch barrel

1-1/12in ACME threads for the breech to prevent the breech from locking when fired

1-1/4in ACME threads on the muzzle end for 6in tips (4310 for the smooth bore or 4320 for the rifled bore)

Lightweight and strong titanium construction

12Ga disrupter

Fires all PAN rounds as well as L-Tech sabot rounds when equipped with the rifled tip

1-1/2in OD knurled section to fit in all PAN mounts (stands and robots mounts)

The T3 unit comes with the bare essentials to use the disrupter – K4300PL

The T3 kit includes everything in the unit as well as a stand, laser, and 2 initiators – K4500PL

Works with the push lock cap and plug breech – K4340PL

T3 Specs