T3 disrupter unit

12Ga disrupter with an 18in, 24in smooth, and 24in rifled (6in rifled tip) configuration

The T3 is an 18in long barrel with a threaded tip that can accept 6in tips to make the disrupter either the 24in smooth bore disrupter (like a standard PAN) or have a 6in rifled tip screwed on to use the sabot rounds from L-Tech

Can fire all PAN rounds and special made sabot rounds from L-Tech

Made of lightweight and durable titanium

Comes with the cap and low maintenance push lock plug and ACME breech threads to prevent the breech from locking to the disrupter when fired

The unit comes with the bare essentials and does not include any initiator, laser, or stand, for these items see the T3 Kit – K4500PL


  • Barrel – 4300
  • ACME Breech Cap – 4340
  • Push Lock Breech Plug – K4350PLT
  • 6in Smooth Bore Adapter – 4310
  • 6in Rifled Bore Adapter (Pictured) – 4320
  • 18in Thread Protector – 4330T
  • Red Plugs – K3090A
  • Black Plugs – K3100A
  • Water Bottle – 5060
  • Shell Extractor – 2010
  • Seating Tool – 2001
  • WD40 – 3130
  • Firing Pin Tool – 7110
  • Breech Spare Parts – K3010PL
  • Super Lube – 4360
  • 7/16in Nut Driver – 7250PL
  • Case and foam – K4390

T3 Spec Page

Push Lock Breech Plug