U.S. Patent 11,280,805

ChemThief™ is a patented (U.S. Patent 11,280,805) tool that helps you:

  • Collect hazardous samples without risking team member safety
  • Remotely retrieve a small, manageable sample and transport it to a safe area for testing or repackaging

  • Collect solid, liquid and multiphase samples without changing configuration
  • Collect samples from spills, open containers or by piercing light containers
  • Retrieve and preserve explosive, radioactive, toxic, flammable, oxidizing or corrosive materials and all CW and BW agents
  • Maintain field reliability through “Plug-and-Play” components for complete reparability

The patented motion of ChemThief™ is simulated in this video. This cycle of movement enables ChemThief™ to draw up a liquid, expel a liquid, scoop or core a solid sample without motion and expel a solid sample with motion. (U.S. Patent 11,280,805)

ChemThief™ can pierce a light container to obtain a sample. The video shows the lance opening below the surface of the liquid. Air is expelled from the pipet in the first phase of cycled movement. Next the pipet bulb will expand and draw approximately 2 ml of liquid into ChemThief™.

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