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Aluminum post stand

Made from 80/20 aluminum extrusion

Upright post pivots to fold flat against the base

New clamp is easy to use with a single knob adjustment and a spring-loaded pin to hold the angle at pre-set positions (see the clamp at 3118-ULC)

Comes with a 1-1/2ft extension to reach a maximum of 4-1/2ft

Connector sleeve protects the joint where the connector screws in

2 swinging legs can be adjusted up and down the long leg to the users preference but are assembled in a stable and easy to use position

The stand post is designed to absorb some recoil from the shot by allowing the post to fold down when the disrupter is fired (leave the pivot joint at the base slightly loose, just tight enough to hold the post in position and fire the disrupter in the opposite direction of the long leg)

All standard adjustments to the stand are tool less and the parts are assembled with allen bolts (allen wrenches included with the stand)

Extra set of short legs available (3118-LEG) to give the stand 4-5 feet or to replace the short legs if they break

Weighs less than 18lbs to be easy to carry but heavy enough to keep the disrupter from travelling very far when fired

Post Stand Specs

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