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Hex breech plug assembled

Comes assembled with all of the internal parts (4350 has no internal parts for the user to assemble themselves)

Uses the same parts as the original PAN breech (K1110) including the firing pin, spring, straight fitting, and insert (3000, 3020, 3050, and 3010 respectively, the set screw is the same thread but reduced to 1/4in length and is part number 3035)

This breech plug can also accept the fittings for the 4mm and Mini (.090in) shock tube (see individual parts or search 4mm or mini tube)

Breech plug screws in to the breech cap to screw on to the disrupter, fits in bot the PAN thread cap (1111) or ACME thread cap (4340), can be ordered with the cap as a kit for the PAN thread (K1111) or the ACME thread (K4340) or separate

Thread design for screwing in to the cap is so that a pyrotechnic pencil may be used in place of the plug to fire the breech

For the simple to use push lock plug see K4350PL


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