PAN Disrupter Drop Safe Electric Breech Unit

This unit is the same as the K100PL unit but has the components of the drop safe electric breech. This does away with the shock tube (nonel) breech and spare parts in favor of the drop safe electric breech. The drop safe electric breech is more reliable, requires less maintenance, and doesn’t require the disposal and purchase of shock tube. This unit still utilizes the original PAN (fine thread) breech and can work on existing original PAN disrupters (will NOT work on IP24, T3, RD24, or Tactical disrupters from Ideal Products).

Requires a 5Joule/300V initiator to properly fir the electric breech, options include but are not limited to the EIT 355 (2058-1, standard) and the EIT SBS-T (2058).

The drop safe electric breech is tested and approved as a drop safe breech. It has a locking knob on the top to switch between “Armed” and “Safe” modes.

Additional Items:

For full kit see K998DS – includes stand, initiator, and laser


  • 24in Barrel – 1100
  • DS E-Breech – K1090DS
  • Shell Extractor – 2010
  • Seating Tool – 2001
  • Red Plugs (50) – 3090
  • Black Plugs (50) – 3100
  • Water Bottle – 5060
  • Gun Bore Snake – 2045
  • Spare E-Breech Spring – 1097