Tactical/SWAT disrupter kit

12Ga, 12in long, disrupter

Designed for tactical EOD squads and SWAT teams to be lightweight (it’s made of titanium) and easy to use

The push lock cap and plug breech stays cleaner longer than the original breech and eliminates the inconsistency of the ferrule nut not being tightened correctly

Fires all PAN rounds but needs special attention due to the length of the barrel, lighter rounds are needed for water shots (L-Tech has the information on what round for what length barrel)

This kit is meant to be supplemented by an existing disrupter kit for breech parts and plugs. These items can be purchased separately if needed

This kit is designed to be used with a robot and the robot/tripod sleeve K3150 which is included

Kit Includes

  • Barrel – 4300-12
  • ACME Pro Breech cap – 4341
  • Push Lock Breech Plug – 4350PL
  • Shell Extractor (comes with the .357 disrupter shell extractor due to its smaller size but the PAN shell extractor (2010) works as well) – 7100
  • Water Bottle (comes with the .357 disrupter water bottle due to its smaller size but the PAN water bottle (5060) works as well) – 7280
  • Thread Protector – 4330T
  • Red and Black Plugs (15Ea) – K3095T
  • Seating Tool – 2001
  • Firing Pin Tool – 7110
  • 8ft Lanyard – 3153
  • Robot/Tripod Disrupter Sleeve – K3150
  • Push Lock Breech Parts – K3010PL
  • Gun Bore Cleaning Kit – 2045

Optional Accessories/Upgrades

  • Ultra Pod Stand – 3121
  • Tactical Stand – 3119T
  • 6in Smooth Bore Tip – 4310
    • With threaded tip – 4311
  • 6in Rifled Bore Tip – 4320
    • With Threaded Tip – 4321

Tactical disrupter