Disrupter sleeve that can be mounted on a tripod or held in the gripper of the robot

The disrupter will dislodge from the mount upon firing to reduce recoil on the robot or tripod

Designed for the Tactical (12in) disrupter but accepts all 12Ga disrupters and .357 disrupter when mounted in the precision aim adapter

Uses two ball spring-loaded plungers to hold the disrupter for transport but release when fired

Has 3 flats milled at angles for picatinny rails to attach lasers or other accessories

3 mounting holes on the bottom for camera tripod mounts or #3152 rail mount

Made of lightweight and durable Delrin plastic

Includes 2, 5mW, green dot lasers from Z-Bolt mounted to the picatinny rails on the sleeve

Tool includes

  • Sleeve – 3150
  • Green Laser (2) – 3151
  • Arm Rail Mount – 3152

WANING – If using a T3 disrupter with the thread protector or extension tip, use a precision aim adapter, 4301, due to the step between the end of the barrel and the tip extension, the disrupter could possibly catch the front of the sleeve as the disrupter is coming out, if the disrupter catches there could be damage to the robot and/or the sleeve

K3150 Robot Disrupter Sleeve