X-ray panel hanger for a robot

2 halves clamp around the handle of an x-ray panel so that the panel always hangs vertically

A robot gripper grabs the round section to carry the panel

By pulling a pin the handle of the hanger can pivot and the panel will always hang down and vertical no matter the orientation of the robot gripper

Leaving the pin in place allows the robot to swing the panel up if needed and the handle of the panel can be held in place with a piece of foam pipe insulation

Made of lightweight and durable delrin plastic and fiberglass pole

Tool less operation with thumb screws to attach the 2 halves of the hanger

Small hole for the handle of the panel (Source is 5771)

Can be used with the Source platform (5774) for a one robot x-ray (see picture) or 2 robots with one carrying the source (5771)