X-ray source hanger for a robot

2 Versions are available

The main ‘C” shaped mounts to the source via its base (necessary on the 150 models)

The other “L” shape uses 2 halves to clamp around the handle of an XR200 source

The source is capable of always hanging level

A robot gripper grabs the round section to carry the source

By pulling a pin the handle of the hanger can pivot and the source will always point forward and level no matter the orientation of the robot gripper

Leaving the pin in place allows the robot to swing the source up if needed and the handle of the source can be held in place with a piece of foam pipe insulation

Made of lightweight and durable delrin plastic and fiberglass pole (the “C” version has an aluminum bas plate)

Tool-less operation with thumb screws to attach the 2 halves of the hanger and a thumb screw to attach to the base

Larger hole for the handle of the source (Panel hanger is 5770)

Picatinny rail to mount relay switch (5775) to fire x-ray source from the robot

Can be used in a 2 robot scenario with another robot carrying the panel