Push lock breech plug

Uses a push lock fitting to hold the shock tube instead of an insert, straight fitting, and ferrule nut

Works on all breech caps (1111, 1113, 4340, 4341, 1114, and 1116)

Requires less maintenance than the original style of breech with the ferrule nut (the hex plug breech plug) and contains fewer parts

It can still use the firing pins and springs from the original breech so the only new part is the push lock fitting 4351 (the push lock fitting does not fit in any other breech or breech plug except those designated as a push lock breech)

Does not come with any parts in the breech, to get a fully assembled breech plug see K4350PLT

The plug must be screwed in to a breech cap to work, for the cap and plug assembly see K4340PL

Hex plug (original style) – 4350

Can be converted to work with a ferrule nut (3053PL, 3054PL, and 3052PL for 1/8in, 4mm, and mini tube respectively)