Drop safe, electrically actuated, percussion breech for the IP  disrupters with ACME breech threads (IP24, T3, RD24, and Tactical).

For PAN breech see – K1090DS

Utilizes a lock knob to hold the firing pin from moving if the disrupter is dropped.

Fires all of the same rounds as the standard PAN breech.

Requires a 300V, 50Cap, firing device to fire properly, options include:

  • Duke Pro D80 – 2056
  • Duke Pro USTI-ECO – 2057
  • EIT SBS-T – 2058
  • EIT Scorpion 355 – 2058-1

“Safe” and “Fire” positions on the knob designate the state that the breech is in. Detents give a positive feel to the positions.\

For regular Electric Breech see – K1090BA