Optional stand for the Tactical disrupter (K300-12) over the Ultra Pod stand (3121)

All 12Ga IP disrupters fit in the stand but may pose a balance problem

Made of lightweight aluminum

3 extendable legs can conquer uneven terrain or give an increase in height (locked in by a thumb screw) and one short leg allows for extreme angles

Velcro/hook-and-look strap holds the legs together when stored or can strap the stand to a pole or fence if needed

Tri-pod pivot (3119TSP) at the top has a 360° swivel and 10° tilt all the way around to get the aim right

2 90° storage positions in the pivot allow for more aiming possibilities

Delrin (plastic) disrupter sleeve (3119TS) fits all IP 12Ga disrupters and can allow them to dislodge when firing to reduce the recoil effects on the stand or lock in to the stand via a thumb screw

Disrupter can be mounted to the top or the bottom of the stand to achieve the height needed for the shot at hand

Tactical stand

Tactical disrupter