Clearance deal – Buy the Gripper Cutter and get the window punch, tire punch, and gripper hook at half price

Cutter tool to go in the gripper of a robot with the use of the gripper block (5729, 5729TA, or 5730 depending on the robot)

Uses 3 serrated blades in an arc to cut fabric, webbing, or thin metal

Spring loaded cutter head to demonstrate the pressure being applied by the robot, head can be locked in an non-pivoting position as well

Blades are easily replaceable

Has an incorporated hole at the top to hold a window punch (5733), tire punch (5734), or gripper/claw (5732)

Made of lightweight and durable delrin plastic

Aluminum cutter head is strong and won’t rust

Replacement blades available (5731B)

Cutter Tool Kit specs