Shock tube dispenser to mount on a robot so that the robot can carry a charge downrange and spool the shock tube out on it’s way back

Holds approximately 1000ft of 1/8in standard shock tube

Mounts on a 1-1/4in post with a pin to a plate bolted to the robot, multiple plate sizes available (4-1/2 (5751), 6-1/4 (5751M), and 7-1/2in (5751L) long by 1-3/4in wide, custom bolt patterns can be made)

Reel can fire while moving or when it is stopped in any position

Push lock fittings make it easy to attach the shock tube to the free spinning joint that allows the shock tube to wind/unwind

9in outer diameter reel, 9in wide, and 13in tall

Incorporated brake to slow the reel

For less capacity see the 300ft reel – K5750R

Shock Tube Reel