Mini Gander Kit

Surveillance camera system that fits in the gripper of any large robot using a gripper block (included)

Plugs in to the weapons camera J32 port and displays camera images on the robot control screen

Firing the laser on the robot switches between camera views: Camera 1, camera 1 with a light, camera 2, camera 2 with a light, and off

The two cameras are oriented so that when rotating the mini gander in the gripper there is always a view right side up

Long pigtail cable lets the mini gander rotate 360° (limited to 360° by the cable)

Sharp nose cone pierces up to 1/2in plywood, 18Ga metal, and vinyl siding

Allows the robot to punch a hole in a building or car and gain a view on the inside

Aluminum pole, steel nose cone, and delrin gripper block make the mini gander light, strong, and rust resistant

Comes in a customized aluminum case with a foam insert

Mini Gander Specs


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