Titanium muzzle brake kit

Reduces the recoil of the disrupter by venting gases at the muzzle of the barrel

Reduces the recoil of a solid projectile shot by approximately 80% and the recoil of a water shot by approximately 50%

The kit comes with the laser stud to fit in the muzzle brake to hold the PAN laser so that the disrupter can be aimed

There is also a cheaper, steel, version of this muzzle brake available – K0950

Shown on a barrel with the Recoil Reducer (K1000/K1000-ACME), can be used in conjunction or separately, in the Post Stand


  • Muzzle brake (steel) – 0950T
  • Muzzle brake 18in connector – 0951T
  • Laser stud – 0957

Muzzle Break specs