The SRX (Single Robot X-ray) is designed to hold the entire x-ray system so that a single robot or technician can carry the x-ray system and easily image a package with little to no setup on target.

Telescopic poles make the Raptor SRX adaptable to tall and wide packages.

The Raptor SRX disassembles for easy storage, requires no tools to use, assemble, or disassemble.

The top handle portion rotates freely to allow the x-ray to hang straight down to minimize hassle in lining the x-ray up with the package (held in the gripper of a robot or by hand).

The Raptor SRX is made of lightweight and strong fiberglass tubing and durable Delrin plastic components.

The aluminum x-ray source mounting plate utilizes a standard 1/4-20 camera tripod screw mounting system to fit nearly all x-ray sources

Works in conjunction with the 5775 X-Ray Relay Switch to fire the x-ray from the firing circuit on the robot.

Can be carried by hand and set up to use manually.

Keeps the source pointed toward the panel at all times.

Works with most panel types both plates (in holder with Velcro/hook-&-loop attachment) and new digital panels (using different mounting for the two types, call for details).

X-Ray Raptor SRX Manual