Screws on to the breech end of the Tactical disrupter (K4300-12) to provide an attachment point for a lanyard, does NOT fit on any other disrupter (for other means of attaching a lanyard see 4341, for ACME thread breeches, and 1113, for PAN/fine thread breech), call for details.

May be made to work on T3 Disrupters, call for details.

Once threaded al the way down the ring sits loosely on the back of the barrel without interfering with the breech (applies to Ser No 0026 and up, for lower serial numbers please call and see about having your barrel modified).

The ring will rotate on the back of the barrel so that the lanyard can be placed in the best possible position.

There are two holes on the ring to allow for multiple connection points at once.

Used in conjunction with:

  • Lanyard (or your own) – 3153
  • Lanyard Anchor – 3154