Electric breech kit for ACME (coarse) thread breeches (T3, IP24, Tactical, and RD24 disrupters)

Fits on ACME thread breeches (PAN/fine thread – K1090)


Uses a 300V/5Joule impulse to drive a firing pin to fire the disrupter round

Fires all standard PAN rounds with no modification needed

No shock tube needed

Requires minimal maintenance

Typically fired from by handheld initiator or from a robot, options include:

  • Duke Pro D80 – 2056
  • Duke Pro USTI-ECO – 2057
  • EIT SBS-T – 2058
  • EIT Scorpion 355 – 2058-1


  • Electric Breech – K1090BA (Breech and connector wire)
  • USTI-ECO initiator – 2057

This breech does NOT pass the drop test, for the drop safe version see K1090DS-ACME

Electric Breech specs