Rotation activated 18V cordless circular saw (360° CW turns it on and 360° CCW turns it off)

Part of the RATS tools (Rotation Activated Tools System)

Fits in the gripper of larger robots and can be operated remotely

Comes with 2 batteries and a charger

Cordless, no tether, can be set down and picked back up by the robot without assistance

Can be fitted with a 6-1/2in Bad Blade for safety/laminated glass, wood, or metal

Masonry blades will also cut laminated glass

No blade guard makes it easy to perform plunge cuts, no starting hole required

Excels at cutting access holes in wood siding

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RATS Tools Specs

For videos and more information go to!prettyPhoto

Watch a short, sped up video below of the saw cutting a laminated windsheild